Microscope camera ocs-hdmi-nh1080 vs ocs-hdmi-1080pu


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Anybody know which one is the best between those 2 models?OCS-HDMI-NH1080 VS OCS-HDMI-1080PU. Somebody told me the NH1080 should be better for soldering because of reflection and 1080PU is better for MEDICAL use. Is anybody have those camera? Any opinion? Is it around the same camera? I know the 1080PU have possibility to record video and more function but I am only interested to get fluid (60FPS 1080P) and nice image with HDMI.

Link NH1080: http://www.m.amazon.com/Definition-Direct-Monitor-Microscope-Camera/dp/B00NHXOUGW
Link 1080PU: http://www.microscope.com/microscop...mp-hdmi-usb2-0-digital-microscope-camera.html

Thank you!