Missing PP3V3_S5 on A2141 board 820-01700


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Last night posted in a thread with the same question.
Read the forum posts daily and take notes when you find relevant information!
Notice that you are very rude with all the people that make questions in this forum, chill out men!! if you are tired to respond silly questions here then is a time for you to locking for another job! we all her paid money for make questions to you and you are obliged to answered all! no mater how silly they are! IF YOU DONT LIKE THIS JOB THEN QUIT and gtfoh!

I hope the administrator dont get on your side and erase my comment, I think most of the people think the same about you conduct
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I still insist to read ALL threads of the forum.
You will find usefull information for sure.
If you don't like my replies discard them.
But many people post feedback about how they finally solved the problems.
Don't you think that will help you???
Taking notes of them is the easiest way to select, categorize and find necessary information when needed.

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