No Backlight / Screen on Macbook Air 820-3437


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I have checked J8300 Pin 18 & 19. and get No 3.3v...

Where should I start now to trace back and troubleshoot to find the problem for lcd backlight?



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so there is no backlight or there is no image at all, do you have image on external output???
No image and no backlight. Computer works fine with external monitor and boot as usual.

- On U8300 Pin 2 & 3 in Diode mode i get low reading 0.018 on both pins. (on another board I get 0.350 on both pins 1 & 2)
- On U8300 in voltage mode on pin 2 & 3 i get 0 Volt.
Could the bad guy be U8300..?
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