other forums/groups for board repair discussion?


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I am just getting into this as a hobby as I have a full time job I am happy with. I am based in New Zealand and I believe that at this point in time there is money to be made doing this, however my goal is to just make the money back from the tools I purchase in a 6 month period, and learn a skill set in the process.

I have watched dozens (hopefully not hundreds :eek:) of hours of content from Louis and Jessa. Buying flux and this paying for forum is the only way I know of to give back, so I don't plan on abandoning my subscription here. ...just wondering what other forums are out there? I have heard itesla.solutions mentioned by Jessa, however that sounds more geared towards iphone repairs. Are there any other groups/forums, paid or otherwise out there that you would recommend?



advancedreworks.com, notebook1.ru, vinafix.vn, elvikom.pl, vlab.su, monitor.net.ru, badcaps.net just to name a few.