Pp3v3_s5_reg_r - 0.54v


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820-00164 board not liquide damaged.

PP3V3_S5_REG_R - 0.54V

In diode mode - 0.400 and 0.366

I replaced U7501, C7592 and Q7560

Still 0.54V

I injected 3.5V there and no consum at all - 0V

Thanks for help.


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P3V3S5_EN_R high?

If yes maybe make sure R7516/46/60/61/63 are within specification. But 90% of the time its just a bad IC
Does anything look bad in the area?


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PPBUS - 8.59V
P3V3S5_EN_R - 3.3V
EN - 3.3V
VREG3 - 0V (no short there)
VREG5 - 0.32V (no short there)