Question about compatibility of 2011/2012 820-2915/3330


I've installed a few 820-3330 boards into several 820-2915 case assemblies, and just replace the silver eDP/LVDS connector on the 3330 board with a 2011 15" style connector, and call it a day. Pin-outs are the same, so no biggie, right?

...right? I've had 2 of those customers come back with backlight issue; one had a dead LP8550 (which isn't totally uncommon on the 3330), and one had a blown fuse. Now I'm second-guessing this procedure (a popular choice due to the 2915 issues), and wondering if I should stop doing this. Are there any issue at all with converting a 2011 shell into a 2012 unit via replacing the board? I don't think there is (90% of the customers haven't had issues, apparently--they haven't come back).

Just wanting to confirm my assumptions to be safe.


Should work just fine. Just be careful with shorts on the LCD connector as the 2012 connector has GND pads near the pins.


Thanks, Duke! Yeah, I was pretty sure there would be no issues, but when 2 came back with backlight issues, I wanted to be sure. What I typically do when replacing the 2012 connector is just wick those ground pads, to make sure no solder squeezes out, etc. I'm pretty careful (have learned lessons in the past), so hopefully that won't be a problem. Glad to know there are no other minor issues (i.e. related to SMC_LID or otherwise), etc.

Thanks again!