question for ASD problem in iMac, known bug? need some help.


hi friends,

I have here a video card 109-B80357-00, GPU 216-0729051,

problem: no video.

replaced the GPU with a new one, now video is ok

tested with ASD 3S145A in a iMac 27" 2011 case

only video test

have fails in all "2D..." - Tests, all other tests are ok.

Is that a known bug or would you suggest to replace the GPU again?


next videocard, a 109-B98557-00, GPU 216-0772003

problem: no video

replaced the GPU with a new one, now video is ok.

the test now with ASD 3S138 in a iMac Late2009 case

only video test

fail in every point.

so is it possible that the videocard is from another (for example 2010) iMac ?

I already know that the cards from the iMacs with the long LVDS-Connector are not working in iMac with 30pin short golden LVDS Connector. And the only differnet thing is the bios in the grafik card.

I dont have a plan if I have repaired an iMac Grafik Card how to test if its full working. If I dont know from wich iMac is the card, and if I have only 2 test cases, a 2011 one with 30pin lvds and a late 2009
with the big lvds connector.

need realy some assistance here please.


If it boots in OSX it is fine. Forget about ASD and just run GPUTEST for OSX and run the furry donut thing.