RAM replace A1369



i want to replace the RAM of a A1269 from 2010. I already unsoldered the old chips. I want to replace them with some chips soldered on a ddr3 sodimm ram stick. Are there any restrictions (except of frequency) or can I just take any RAM?

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No you must use same RAM chips as what this board model was shipped with originally. RAM chips must match SPD profile stored in EFI. A given board can come with a few different chips model, correct profile is selected with RAMCFG strapping resistors.
Anyway not sure why you're trying to replace RAM chips but it's most likely a waste of time.


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Reball original chips and be sure to solder them correctly on the board.
If board fails to start (beeping RAM error again), then it is trash.
Bad CPU, or broken solders/traces underneath CPU...


Thank you for your reply.

Maybe some context is needed:
When I received the MacBook it failed to start (3x beeping) so I decided to reflow the RAM chips (because it also crashed on Memory Test).
After reflowing it started but threw kernel panic after some minutes. So I decided to remove the RAM chips. Now I found some chips of the same type and i will try to reball them and put them on the board.