Razer Blade RZ09-01953 Switches off under Nvidia GPU load


Working on this Razor Blade RZ09-01953, which seems to work fine on light tasks or when the GPU stress test is running under Intel, but the minute it runs under Nvidia, it cuts power.

Could it be GPU failure? I ran some GUI mem tests and came up fine. MATS GPU RAM test doesn't seem to boot

Has anybody experienced it or have advice on where to look to? Slight corrosion sign around the KBD controller, cleaned but doesn't look serious


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The Mats has an option to run in stealth mode.
Check its manual and set the proper option.
You should find the result in the log.


So far I have reflowed the GPU just in case if it is a cold joint. Same behaviour, loads Windows every time but shuts when test engages the GPU. Stable when test is run on the Intel GPU.

UCd the board as GPU Core MOSFETs were soaked in a thermal paste.

I went ahead and reflowed and resoldered all three GPU Core MOSFETs, as they seemed to have some flux burn marks between the legs.
That area is pretty close to the RAMs. Now it will shut down 2-3 out of 5 times when it starts even before loads Windows.

Seems like I have forgotten to switch to CSM mode rather than UEFI.
I could not find stealth mode in the documentation, but I removed all arguments and left only gputest.js -mfg
Attempted a couple of times. Now boots from it, stay on a black screen for awhile and switch off every time when MATS is booted.

Shall I reflow the RAMs? Not sure what else to try