Recommendations on RepairDesk vs RepairShopr


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We are currently using iQMetrix RQ but it has been giving us issues. We would like to switch to RepairDesk or RepairShopr but cannot decide which one. Any recommendations out there?

Thank you in advance.


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We use Repairshopr, but I have mixed feelings about it. It's fairly organized, but the new UI they implemented is a major PITA to try and send ticket updates now. I have never used RepairDesk.


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we are using outlook calendar with exchange. it may sound stupid but it is actually better, the only thing is it lacks version control and synchronisation overwrites changes from time to time.
I use google docs. I setup shared spread sheets with my customers and they can check status in real time on repairs. However there is no billing and most of my work is with large vendors not retail.


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i have a software you can use. cheaper than all the others and does everything you need. and other features can be easily added!


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I'm using RepairShopr. Before I was doing Apple repair full time, my day job was actually in (retail oriented) POS software sales. RepairShopr has some nice features that some of the "big" ones don't have, but also lacks some customizability I crave (but most cloud software does, let's be honest).

One big feature for me is the ability to spread freight costs amongst received product. Being in Canada, shipping and exchange are a HUGE increase over the "base price" in USD.

Integration with WooCommerce is also really nice. Updates in real time.