[SOLVED]820-2915 (brrrr) new USB and DP ports

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Hi guys,
I've got an 820-2915 here with one USB-port and the DP port physically torn from the board. I've cleaned up the area and connections seem fine for new ports.
Any suggestions on harvesting the ports from a donor board without melting the plastic? Just heat from below presumably?


Yeah, use ample bottom heat. Apply some leaded solder to the joints to make it melt easier too.
After you fixed it you can get blamed for a dead GPU in 3 weeks.....
I told the customer about the GPU problem and he wanted it fixed anyway. Not a very nice job to do though: it needs a lot of heat (on this scary board), some traces were broken and it needed a new current limiter for the USB ports (only outputting 2.4V). Anyway, fixed now. Thanks Duke!


I wonder if a lower temp alloy would make this job easier. I used to have some chip-quick alloy back when I had no hot air station and it did its job for SMD's, but cleaning a throughhole of the stuff completely might be tough to do.
I don't think the chipquick stuff would really help as it needs to replace the solder in the holes in the board. Possibly this is one of the few jobs where a desoldering pump might come in handy. However, I think it might be a few years before I have to do this repair again.
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