SOLVED: 820-3332 Black screen with chime and loud fans. No liquid, but very dusty. GPU?


Hi Guys, came across to 820-3332 which turns on and chimes, but no screen neither internal nor external. No Capslock response either.
No liquid damage, but very dusty and must have been overheating for a while.

Not sure if its GPU issue or something else I should look for. CPU/GPU gets very hot, probably the reason for the loud fans.

Also, it does not turn on without a battery. Is it usual for these models?



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This board requires 85W charger, to start without battery.
Be aware, strange behaviours reported when used it without battery however.

First resolder U8900 using leaded solder.


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If machine chimes, but no USB activity, means it boots and gets stuck soon after; maybe when access GPU.
There is a hardware mod available to disable GPU.
Search the forum, I'm sure is already posted.