[SOLVED] 820-3462 MBPr - Dead SMC?


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i only get green light if i use a fresh charger that has been used with a known working board before hand. if i unplug then replug i dont get green light.

corrosion next to SMC, C6992 - 16v probably have shorted SMC_ONOFF_L.

i then cleaned the corrosion, i haven't clean the SMC. no IPA went inside the SMC.

if reflow the SMC doesn't work then i will need to replace the SMC.

PPBUS_G3H: 12.27v - should be higher - so this indicator a dead SMC
PP3V42_G3H: 3.4V

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Is SMC_RESET_L high?

I would reflow the SMC first and see what happens, if SMC_RESET_L is high. SMC_RESET_L has to be high for the SMC to turn on. Make sure to remove the edge bonding and don't let any get stuck under the chip.


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this board was too easy, reflowed the SMC and it worked!

no other place has corrosion.

passed all ASD... ok move on to next board.