[SOLVED]Retina 15 Late 2013 shutting down after three seconds


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I'm out of ideas, this laptop works perfectly fine, as long as you're lucky and it turns on, otherwise you're looking at trying to turn it on time after time and fans spinning for a few seconds and then they turn off.
after a few tries it turns on and stays on and everything's perfect.

Any idea where to start?

Forgot to say, ASD finds no problems, AHT finds no problems, lines are all ok.
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No difference, this morning it is stuck in a loop. fans spinning for 5 seconds and then stop and then spin again and then stop again.
Is it SMC?


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This could be just about anything. How did this happen? Water, a drop, out of the blue? Random turning on/turning off won't get solved without specific history.


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nothing, the device looks like new, no water no nothing, the board does not turn off even if you twist it, as long as it has already turned on. no idea where to start, i guess it can be a faulty EFI.


SMC_ONOFF_L toggles 3.42---->0---->3.42 when press power button???

If it is not water damage and still have humidity sensors, take it to Apple....