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Hi, I would like to share some little things that I´ve learned in a little space of time since Im repairing things as a newbie, and I´d like to read all the thing that you have learned to avoid others do the same "stupid" things when you know nearly nothing and you are starting or broke:

I know that Louis always saying "don't do these things" but... you know like me that we are rebels and sometimes we need to experience by ourselves :)
Sorry Louis

If you are newbie like me


1 Don´t buy cheap tweezers, buy good ones like Louis recommend, you are broke I know that, but trust me they will do your life easier repairing stuff. Buy 2 at least.
Update: See cheap things that works for me.
2 Don´t use alcohol 96% you will corrode your boards easily in 2 hours sometimes less than that.
3 Don´t buy ultrasonic cleaner without sweep function, trust me it won't work well, you can damage some boards with regular ultrasonic 40khz only 1 minute like Louis said in a video...It won't work well.
Don't put regular liquid detergent, acetone, alcohol in your ultrasonic, it won't work very well.
Buy good UC solution.
4 Don´t use conductive flux, cheap flux, even JBC liquid will work well sometimes but if it is conductive and you make experiments you can fry your motherboard.
5 Don´t use to much air with hot station on tiny things, they will go to fifth dimension and you will get frustrated.
6 Don´t use flux in your donor board, if you are thinking to use it in future for other parts, some flux are based on water and can corrode parts.
7 Don´t put screws in any place you will loose them.
8 Don´t buy cheap microscopes glasses or your head will explode after use them for minutes and your eyeballs will fry.


1 Multimeter - I use Vici V97 quite good quality and cheap price: 25$ aprox. The only thing is that they are not very accurate measuring capacitance.
2 Ikea hermetic food container to use it after ultrasonic bath with 99% alcohol:
3 Cheap eBay solder wick, it works fine for me.
4 Cheap tweezers they are working fine for me. Fine and antistatic.

What cheap stuff work for you and which things should we avoid?
Share your experiences to the community :)
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I use the same multimeter too - never let me down :cool:

Never buy brand named tools from china - they look like hakko, amtech, amscope & co but they aren't!
A dead graphic chip is dead! The Chips sold in china are not new and almost dead too!

I still have many things to say but no time at the moment..
to be continued


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Don't forget to disconnect the board from power (MagSafe and battery!!!) before removing components
Be extremely careful while measuring components (especially around the LVDS connector) when board is powered on

probably some of the stupidest things I've done while in a rush, that resulted in blown up traces and fried components. Learn from MY mistakes! :mad:




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Been there twice: injected 5V instead of 3V42 and once starting removing components without disconnecting MagSafe. Noticed my mistake when I saw the spark. Haven't solved that board yet :/


1 thing that I have learned is never use flux based in water I have used JBC flux and LA CO and they are piece of crap for electronics
Avoid them, learn from my mistakes.
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