Where to get a replacement SMC?!


Need an SMC for an 820-3462A A1425 2012 13" Retina. Cant find a thing though.. Well there is one sketchy vendor from aliexpress selling a scapulas board with SMC for 45USD but he won't ship to Germany. And the people on Ebay selling SMCs just sell useless blank chips... Any idea where I can get SMCs when I don't have a donor?


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I too was curious about this, so I went down the rabbit hole for a while. You may have seen this but it's helpful, so I'll put it here for posterity in case anyone else finds this thread; it's specific to this chip and relevant to the overall SMC discussion: [SOLVED]SMC Compatibility

Beyond that, this discussion at TI's site is also relevant to this IC and informing: Request for LM4FSXAH5BB data sheet

I'm guessing donor board is the only option but I'd be curious if there are other opinions.



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For now the only solution is to take them from the same model donor boards.

It is apparently possible to extract the SMC firmware through some sort of exploit (at least for 2012 and probably up to 2015), unfortunately the guy who demonstrated this didn't publish his tools.
Once you have the full memory dump you should be able to extract the firmware, and then flash it using the programming tools for this microcontroller (maybe even through JTAG on J5100/J6100), although info for this specific microcontroller are confidentials so gotta hope it's similar enough to the other Stellaris series.