ZXW Dongle.

Do one knows where to find clean ZXW software? We do own a ZXW dongle right now reason for strict clean software programs, since building up new schematics suite for different computer. I had to personally bring better computer in to replace the slowest computer, employer does not know what good computer or not by buying off used from former owners without letting him that's not optimal computer etc.

Well, for downloading ZXW software usually one can find are infected with keyloggers even the 2.6 with blackfish 2.0 (all of the executables are infected). I tried 2.4 but would not download updates.

Background on me:
I used to work with consumer electronics mostly TVs down to component level repair expertise for several years and still is as hobby repairing anything. Computer, watchmaker, hobby car mechanic, machinist etc. I was recently hired by a private business to repair personal devices: computers, cellphones, and apple products like also you are doing as well.

I used to work for 3 computer businesses as computer technician for years since 1989 as part time and full time.

To top this off, proudly deaf. :)
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No idea, if it was compiled with the crap in there it is probably not doable. Just run it on a junk machine or in a virtual box.