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[SOLVED]Core i5 13" Mid-2012 - Model A1278 (EMC 2554*) Won't recognize known good HDD

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  • [SOLVED]Core i5 13" Mid-2012 - Model A1278 (EMC 2554*) Won't recognize known good HDD


    Got a MBP in for repair, it's the Core i5 13" Mid-2012 - Model A1278 (EMC 2554*) Issue is that it won't recognize known good HDDs. I have tried 2 different SATA flex cables. The drive seems to get power, I can feel it spinning but it does not populate in Disk Utility and will not boot. As suggested in a previous thread, I have reset the SMC but this has not corrected the issue. There are not signs of liquid exposure, and the connector looks to be okay. I guess I could have 2 bad flex cables, but not sure how likely that is. Any insight is appreciated.
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    Did you use the 2012 type flex cable? They are wider and different from all other models. As this is the most common failure you must be 100% sure that you are using a good cable.


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      Thanks. I have verified that I am in fact using 2012 type flex cable. It did however come off a donor machine. Is there a way to test the cable with mutli-meter? I have tiny tipped fluke leads, that with enough effort I can probably get on the appropriate pins. Thanks again man you guys are a life saver and that is why I stay subscribed even for the advice one every few months, make it worth the $1/day.
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        Look up the pinout for the HDD sata connector. Beep out the 4 data lines (A+,A-,B+, B-) to the small connector.


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          Looks like both of these cables I have are bad. I get 3 of 4 beeps on one of them, and 1 of 4 beeps on the other. Ordering a new cable, hope its good and will respond with update. Thanks again.


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            New cable solved the issue, again I can't thank you guys enough for offering this service and the YouTube channel. I have learned so much in the last six months. Look forward to how much I will learn in the next six months.


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