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I'm not a subscriber, but I need to submit a message to you that is 3196 characters. Not 420. How can I accomplish that? I'll attempt to post it in chunks as replies to this but if it doesn't work, let me know. Thanks! :)
Mississippi and with what little time I've actually spent east of that, I've personally confirmed that from the Great Lakes to Louisiana to the tips of Maine to Florida is one giant ant farmish shit show. That means everything from employment opportunity to affordable housing are scarce in comparison. You're a champion for succeeding to the levels you have from where you started, so while you maintain a modest
disposition, I think it would be hilarious watching you blow shit up out west like a BOSS. The cup of opportunity runneth over on the western half of the country, and there are FAR more favorable political and tax climates to boot.

Think about your kids. Consider expansion as a means for relocation while retaining what you've already built. Think it over while you take a couple day vacation driving through somewhere
beautiful like Colorado or Oregon. In any event, I think you'd find it personally invaluable for where you decide to pursue your future from today on the long-term.

Likewise, I hope you learned something. ;) :) Appreciate your contributions very much. Cheers!

На MacBook A1706 сенсорная панель не работает после удара. Мы поменяли матрицу и кнопку питания. Есть напряжение на колодках, но нет изображения. Пожалуйста, скажите мне, в чем проблема?
Looking for Louis' meter software instructions on placing meter readings onto the upper left corner of the screen.
I believe he posted it here somewhere. He went over it quickly on a UTube about tools but the URL/text was too tiny to read.
I don't want to buy a DMM without first reading that piece. Also, Paul Daniels posted a quick note about similiar software but it was for non-Fluke.