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[SOLVED]820-3476 U8300 Getting Super Hot, Display Replaced

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  • [SOLVED]820-3476 U8300 Getting Super Hot, Display Replaced

    A little history for this one. It's a coworker of mine's computer and over the weekend he plugged in an external USB DVD drive which caused his machine for some reason to shut completely off. When he tried to power it back on, the LCD was completely shot with a blank display (worked on external monitor but it wouldn't see his internal display whatsoever). No big deal, we replace the top panel and all seems well again. Well the next day (today) it turns out his computer is getting extremely hot when turned on and also when put in sleep mode too, so he gives it back to me to check out.

    Advancing forward and after some freeze spray I am able to determine U8300 is the culprit of this heat issue. Display plugged in or not makes no difference but this little component gets extremely hot almost instantaneously. The confusing part for me is that the component itself is working how its supposed to and has proper readings all around but still gets hot when powered on or in sleep. Should I just replace it even though it seems to be working fine? Has anyone seen something like this before? Also on a side-note, has anyone seen a DVD drive cause a display to go out? Thanks in advance!

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    L8300 blown? Short on either side of it?


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      The whole circuit has a .003 reading in Diode mode but the confusing part is that with power / turned on it gets the 5v that is supposed to be running through the line all the way to the LCD connector like its supposed to. Could L8300 cause this?
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        Pull U8300 first to see if the short is gone.


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          If the short is still present without LCD plugged in there are a few options. Either the LCD connector is semi shorted, verify by removing L8300 and see on which side the short is. The other option is bad U8300. My bet is a fucked LCD connector.


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            I was also thinking LCD connector but sure enough, after removing L8300 there is a short on pin 1 and not 2 (That makes things a lot easier). Removed U8300 afterwards and no more short. Appreciate the help!


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