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[SOlVED]820-3476 stuck on optical digital ouput

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  • [SOlVED]820-3476 stuck on optical digital ouput

    This macbook is having a similar issue as this topic I found

    The keyboard is had issues when I received it and will need to be replaced. To make sure that wasn't the issue I plugged in a working keyboard that I have and I was able to do a PRAM reset which did not solve this. I don't believe the board was liquid damaged but I haven't taken it apart to see if there was damage to the other side of the board.
    It chimes on startup but once i login and go to the sound preferences it shows "Digital Out - Optical Digital-out port".
    When I plug in headphones it switches to heaphones fine and when I unplug it goes back.
    The headphone jack has been cleaned out but still no help.

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    Probably a bad headphone socket which will need to be replaced.

    Short pins 1 and 2 on the headphone socket. if that brings back audio replace socket if you want to use headphones again.

    Also check L6607-8 and detection traces back to U6201


    • #3
      Okay I shorted Pins 1 and 2 to each other and now it shows internal speakers and when I plug in headphones it works fine and so does the speakers.
      Everything seems to be working fine so could I leave it like this and send it back to the customer?


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        Do you have donor board ? if so just replace the headphone jack. Its 10 minutes work.


        • #5
          Yes. I've never replaced a headphone jack. Is it easy to melt the headphone jack when taking it off the donor?

          I really don't want to replace it if I don't have to. Could there be issues down the line if I leave those pins shorted as they are?


          • #6
            Its not that hard. TIn the solder joints in leaded solder, then hot air the area and start to carefully prise when the solder starts melting.

            If you leave it, its going to come back with headphones not working at some stage.


            • #7
              Okay thanks. I have replaced it and its working fine now.


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