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820-3208-A with no green light

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  • 820-3208-A with no green light

    Hi Guys, I have a Mac Air 11" 3208 with no green/red light. Checked power and no G3H and 3.42 as well. On Q6910 I get 20.55v on C6912 pin 1. I have checked the resistors as well and get some different readings then what my schematics say. Now I have seen many istances where the schematics have wrong data, could you have a look at the readings I got and let me know if this is OK, R6911 and 6912 seem a bit off. Thanks!

    Edit: I just figured R6905 has a hole in it, so will try replacing that first
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    OK so replaced the R6905 but no luck yet. On R6905 pin 2 i have 20.55v, this does not appear on D6905 pin 2. The line is intact thats kinda weird? I would assume it must have 20.55v as well. So no power reaches U6990 VIN (pin 6), any suggestions?


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      First off R6905 burned for a reason. Is there a short on pin 3 of D6905 or a short on 3V42? Trace from R6905 to D6905 could be burned or bad soldering. D6905 may be dead too


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