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[SOLVED]MacBook Pro 820-4924-08 No fan spin - Green/Orange light present

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  • [SOLVED]MacBook Pro 820-4924-08 No fan spin - Green/Orange light present

    This is my first post so go easy.
    My guy that does these repairs fucked off to another company for more money so I'm trying to teach myself the ropes.

    I have a MBP early 2015 A1502. Came in with water damage but working apart from a few keys.

    No obvious signs on the board so just swapped the faulty keyboard. After fitting the board back to check if the new keyboard is okay, I get no fan spin or anything.

    Ive checked a few rails with my limited knowledge and get the following

    PPBUS_G3H 12.57v
    PPDCIN_G3H 16.6v
    PP3V42_G3H 3.41v
    PP5v_S5 5v
    ​PP5v_S3 0v
    ​PP5v_S0 0v
    PP3V3_S5 3.3v

    Not sure if I've missed a rail to check but the PPBUS_G3H @ 12.57v when it should be 8.6v doesn't look good. And the DCIN @ 16.6v is a bit low.

    Any ideas?

    Sorry for the noob first post if its missing obvious stuff.

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    Inspect the board for corrosion first. Common area for these is around the SPI ROM and clock chip.


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      its my first reply to anyone here

      as you told only few keys were not working
      means motherboard was fine booting up , only the keyboard was faulty

      if yes

      i feel there could be 2 reasons of motherboard going BAD !

      check for water sign all over the board , check if any rasistance have turned black also

      another common mistake my enginner also do while replacing the hardware , they miss handle the board , the delicate compoments gets broken

      MAINLY those which have glass apperance , they mosly transfer voltages as per motherboard stage , even if they have a little crack they are not working properly ( such as U8000 - there might me 6-7 on this board )

      sorry soo many typing errors !!


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        Thank you for the advice.

        There shouldn't be any physical damage to the board while its out the laptop because it's just placed at the back of the bench out the way, and I did it myself.
        I'll recheck for any corrosion tomorrow, then maybe give it an acid brush and a rinse with Iso around the areas you mentioned Duke.

        I suspect the fact the board was moved has caused whatever little damage or corrosion existed to show its face.


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          Okay, so I looked around U6100 and U6101 SPI and couldn't see anything obvious signs of corrosion ( see pic )

          So I acid brushed the area and then brushed and bathed the whole board in Iso, then gave it a blast with the air line and heated.

          Plugged it back in and got PPBUS_G3H and the S0 states, checked the CPU and it was pretty warm but still no fans. So connected up a screen and it fired up.

          The fan doesn't come on when the DC is plugged in, or when the machine is first turned on like others, but it does spin up once it gets warm so I'm assuming this is normal for this board.


          • Mario Yiannakou
            Mario Yiannakou commented
            Editing a comment
            When you say "heated" what do you mean? Did you heat the whole board or just that area? How did you heat? Did you reflow? Thanks in advance as I having the same problem with the same board.

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          Thank you for the advice Duke


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            Fan does not spin up until warm on these newer models. So I guess we can call this one fixed.


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