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Need Help w/ Samsung Parts(capacitor) look up

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  • Need Help w/ Samsung Parts(capacitor) look up

    I accidentally knocked of ceramic cap off an s8 plus board and don't have a donor board for it at the moment. It's C7060 - Samsung part number 2203-000725(per service manual). Does anyone know which value this is or does anyone know how to look up Samsung component part numbers?

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    Nevermind found it at samsungparts


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      For future reference: It is unlikely that a good educated guess at capacitor replacement value will lead to trouble! All that matters is that a capacitor usually has one of two possible common roles. RARE in our smartphones and such is role #1: part of a time-based tank circuit, RC network, etc.-rare in our daily mobile device repair life. AND #2: power decoupling, EMI suppression. - where a missing capacitor means it will now make a little radio interference noise maybe. OR - it will maybe have a little dirtier DC power on that rail. If one side of the capacitor has continuity to ground and it's on your power rail = guess which role that capacitor is playing! Just mind the VOLTAGE rating of that circuit. If it's a 5 volt rail = safe to use a 10 volt or higher replacement capacitor of as large a value as you can steal from something else for a replacement candidate. (try to at least double the capacitor voltage rating.) If you use too low of a rating - a spike can burn a hole between layers and short the cap or make it leak noise and do aggravating stuff.


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        You have to use a digital caliper to measure the capacitor that is missing or damaged then you can buy a similar replacement capacitor from


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