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  • Cheap Hot Air

    In my experience this is perfectly adequate for most surface mount work. Used the other cheap stations, Auyoe and the like, and this is the only one that worked.

    I have removed ISL chips, keyboard connector, and many LCD connectors for macbook airs and pros.
    It gets up to temp and has decent air pressure. I can remove a macbook air 11" or 13" lcd connector in a minute or less.
    I have been running two of them for a year now and they just keep going!

    Yes, there are better ones out there, but this one is CHEAP! IF you are going to cheap out on hot air this one can get you by.



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    dont waste your time with that garbage, if your doing this as a job you need real hot air. buy this

    if you cant make back this money in the first month then your in the wrong field


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      I am going to ask an interesting question though: Let's start with the assumption that the hakko is a better product (I know it is). If I can successfully take off a QFN or BGA chip, or an LVDS connector in under a minute with the cheap one, why would I pay 12 times more for the more expensive one? Is it 12 times better? Will it last 12 times longer? Half of using a hot air station is knowing how to use it effectively, so if it is adequate for the task why over spend?

      What makes a hot air station a real hot air station? I can afford to replace this one over and over if I have issues with it. But I haven't, I have 2 that I have used at least once a day for a full year.

      I have sat and struggled with an auyoe station and another cheap knockoff rework station waiting for solder to melt and never getting there. But this one does in fact work.

      There's no need to be snobby about it. There is obviously a place for pro tools and equipment, but not everyone can afford that up front. If we stopped saying "only this piece of equipment will work, and the others are garbage", then we can hopefully guide people just entering board repair and let them know what works and what doesn't, and what can get them by until they start being profitable.
      If someone is going to learn board repair, it is usually first as a hobby. Many people cannot afford to buy pro tools up front while they learn.




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        i cant answer all your questions, all i can say is ive had 2 of the cheaper ones and they are both terrible, and as for removing stuff, removing an lvds connector heating from the bottom takes 20 seconds and from the top takes around 10 seconds, as for the chips, I dont want to have to heat the chips directly for even a minute, preheat the board and go in and it removes it in seconds. if its a hobby its fine, but im pretty sure that overheating components will kill them, which ones, I dont know. all I know is that the hakko is quick, can use high heat low airflow for precision heating, and having to replace a station over and over is a pain when you can keep the same station for years, so 12 times better, im going to say from my experience yes, and 12 times longer, yes.
        if you're one is able to keep a macbook board hot enough to work on then id say you have found something extremely rare, and good on you


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          Those are valid points, thanks! I do have to be careful and preheat, but it does work. I have been able to successfully replace ISL chips and LP 8550.
          Definitely a good point about durability. I hate having to figure out why my crap is broken.

          My hope was that people looking for a cheap entry point wouldn't just run out and buy the cool looking completely useless auyoe thing.


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            for me the entry point was the hakko, i tried the cheaper ones , but just decided to save the $2700 for the microscope hot air and soldering stuff , had 10 fixable jobs in the first month which paid for everything


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