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Where to buy a working SMC for 820-2915 board

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  • Where to buy a working SMC for 820-2915 board

    It sounds so simple but I'm just not able to find them on aliexpress anymore

    Are there new platforms where they're selling, are they using a different description or is there just nothing available anymore?

    I have this macbook here that I thought I already fixed, but sadly has an issue with the battery readout so it came back.
    If I can't get a replacement SMC I'm going to have to refund the customer and if there is something worse then not making any money is having to pay back money you've already mentally claimed haha

    Thanks in advance!

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    GPU was already pulled reballed and sold as NEW!


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      Alright thanks! So no more pre-balled ones I can be lazy with, time to find the stencil that I have somewhere around here


      • nate8organic
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        you can do this without the stencil. just use plenty of heat and flux and keep the balls from pulling off uneven. i have never used a stencil for smc's unless the balls are uterfucked. They reflow cleanly almost everytime.

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