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Underfill on newer boards - Dynasolve 225

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  • Underfill on newer boards - Dynasolve 225


    Just wondering if anyone has explored the possibilities of cured underfill removal, using organic solvents?
    I read a post suggesting Dynasolve 225

    I mght give this a shot.

    Other suggestions are to heat the chip / PCB area to well above liquidus and twist off the chip. This does not sound too inviting without some expirience of how under chip temps track with measured surface temps, with a thermocouple, on the underside of the board.

    Although it does seem to disintegrate nicely with a 380°C iron tip, I'm not sure I want to use up T-30 tips trying to jam them under chips to remove underfill

    Anyone else got any suggestions to try out?
    How are you removing this crap?
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    The solvent is probably not going to works as it cannot penetrate under the chip and it will take forever to dissolve.
    I just heat it up and carefully pry the chip off. Only chip so far that sometimes needs replaced that is underfilled on MacBooks is the CD3215.


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