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  • Tools Starting Temperatures

    Can anyone tell me what is a good starting point on quick temp/flow and iron temp when working on macbooks?

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    Between 430-450 on Macs for me air flow from literally 1-120 depends what I’m doing


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      Solder iron temp: between 320 Celcius to max, depending on how much heat-absorbing stuff is nearby, how large the component is and what type of tip I'm using. I'm afraid this is something you can't set and forget. You have to be careful with both hot air and the iron as overshooting your desired temp too much can cause damage, as will heating for too long.
      If I'm not sure how much I'll need, I start low and increase from there on out. That way I don't burn stuff to oblivion. Also, make sure to protect fragile components when using hot air or when soldering close to a connector, for example. Kapton or aluminium tape works for me.
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        Thanks all.


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          You should figure it out by yourself. Get a donor board and do some experiments.
          first of all, temperature changes exponentially, 1cm and 3 cm is a huge difference for a hot air gun, so if you see "temp" control knob on your hot air station, you can call it a "REPAIR SPEED" and use a Louisses scale, for example, max temp would be 1.3 Louis, the lowest one would be 0.01 Louis, which is equal to 1 Apple Genius(just like Resistance/ conductivity, Apple Genius is a reciprocal to Louis).
          The best iron temperature varies, i prefer ts-100 with a custom firmware - i have 320°C as a normal temperature and 400°C as a boost one if i need more heat instantly.


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