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WSON 8 Bios Chip socket

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  • WSON 8 Bios Chip socket

    Here programming socket you can build for yourself. Probably don't need the resistors and
    cap for a programer, but this one I have hooked up to a Pi as I had that lying around. It can write and verify
    a bios chip in about 15 seconds if you have the file using the open source flashrom program. The socket is not
    as advertised, the legs are far to wide to fit on existing wson 8 pad. I had to cut the legs off and then
    glue the socket to the board then solder the pads under the socket.

    The socket and board are here,

    He is in the land down under so the shipping will kill ya but still a lot better then buying a programming socket. I bought 3 of these kits, and 2 days later he doubled the price so not sure if he expects a run or what...

    Here is the post in this forum to use a Pi to program your chip and the way I went..

    I still need to mount the socket board on top of the pi case but works pretty good.
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