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Alternative to BK Multimeter

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  • Alternative to BK Multimeter

    The BK meters are very expensive to buy here in the Uk. I saw a post from Paul Daniels on Git Hub I think saying he had done a version of his on screen software for the 393 which he thought was a better meter than the 390A Have spent a lot of time trying to find a cheaper source.

    I managed to find the Company in Taiwan which makes the BK range they are Chung Instruments.

    I am stuck now as can’t find any information on websites that may sell to individuals.

    Any ideas on sources?

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    I picked up a HP bench top multimeter I really like broken one eBay then fixed it. I like the rear mounted banana plugs so I can attach my leads in the back and run them under my bench to reduce clutter. I took network cable and used the twisted pairs to eliminate AC interference and made extension leads so they would run down behind and under my bench. The meter does diode check, and reads frequency as well. I used a hand held Fluke for a long time. Always messing with the leads and having it in my way. This is so much better you have no idea!

    I will never go back to a hand held meter. With iPad power cables, soldering iron cables and what the hell else I plug in the last thing I need are sticky grabby silicone meter leads tangled in the mess. I have ben working on running all my cables and charger plugs under the bench and now the scope and meter leads are out of the way too! I love it.

    I have been working de-cluttering my work surface for a few weeks now and really like it. I can't stand cables and mess in my work area. I have multiple soldering irons with different tips and it just becomes a total mess.

    These HP meters have a serial interface and should be capable of displaying information on the screen. I don't think it would take much for Paul to write them in.
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