2914 GPU replaced, Chime on repeat, no image, fan normal



Got this board in for GPU replacement. Basic video card failure symptoms. Was getting stuck loading video card drivers. Reflowed the chip to diagnose the problem. Confirmed.
Also experienced some side problems: sometimes machine would not recognise my external boot drive on first try and PRAM reset would not work. (decided to check if the problem would still be present after GPU replacement).
I did not have 0084 chip in stock so decided to risk it and replace it with 0005.
After gpu replacement, no image, no chime, fan half spin.
Took a close look at the board. Found C8403 missing with broken pad on pin 1. Threw a jumper to C8452. Same problem.
Ordered a new 0084 chip. Replaced. Now gets stuck on chime loop on boot, no image, fan spin normal. Chime loop is when it keeps giving chime every 1.5 seconds.
Time to hit panic button.

Please advise how to proceed.



0084 chips don't exist new, so you probably got garbage as usual. 0810001 should be used. C8403 is totally unimportant.