820-2850 - Works with 2 GB RAM - else not working



This one works fine when only 2 GB RAM is used. But if I put 4 GB (or anything more than 2 GB) it is not booting. No beeps or anything just black screen and the DVD-drive "start-sound" looping over and over again until I shut it off.

Working with 2x1 GB in each slot or 1x2 GB in either slot. But if I put 2x2 or 1x2+1x1 or 1x4 or 2x4 GB it won't boot.

I am using PC3-8500 1066 RAM modules - all working in an identical machine

Anyone know whats going on with this ??


Could be BIOS, but I'm afraid this will be a CPU issue. If messing with the BIOS make sure to keep the original safe.