820 2936 logic board - no usb


I have a 820 2936 mb came in with none of the 2 usb working.
On the usb port A found the C4695 shorted to ground and now the port works, port B on the other hand has PP5V_S3 on pin 1 but no sign of life when plugging in the stick (no light, no detection)
No liquid damage or other signs of corosion on the mb.
U2600 gets power

I've noticed also when I plug a monitor on the display port the image is turning On and Off in a random sequence, is there a relation between the two?

Any sugestion on where to check?


Check continuity on L4610 (pin 1-2 and pin 3-4), also diode mode red probe to ground and black to pin 2 and 3 from J4610, report values from heach pin....


L4610 1-2 and 3-4 have continuity, j4610 pin 2: nothing and pin 3: 698

Replaced D4610 but same issue and then when I rechecked the L4610 no continuity on pin 3-4...
Seems to work now after replacing L4610. thank for the tip Aprendiz
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