820-3115-B No Keyboard or Trackpad


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This is a refurbished board client purchased on amazon or something he cannot get a refund... boots up but keyboard trackpad not responding... im not getting 18v on trackpad connector while on so i replaced u5701 and still nochange that area looks like it was water damaged at somepoint...


Check if Z2_BOOST_EN is high at U5805 while trackpad is connected. If high it should be boosting and could be broken U5805 or bad circuitry around here. Inspect for broken traces and damaged components in booster circuitry. Check if 18V comes on at any point at the 18V5S4 rail.


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Ok so R5813 pin 1 1.3-4 Voltages pin 2 0.v and has a 0.000 reading on diode mode which means short to ground ?

R5812 pin 1 18.4 volts pin 2 1.3-4

C5818 pin 2 1.3v Pin 1 18.4

Duke how to check continuity on those pins.. sry for the noob question.


So 18V is present, why are you wanting to do anything to this?

Boot up the board and check in the system profile if the keyboard/trackpad is recognized as a USB device.