Life changing C-mount lens that doesn't make your triport video suck...

If you bought an "ebay amscope" or maybe even a real one with a camera and expected more out of the video, try these adjustable c-mount lenses instead of the shitty tube that comes with them:
SZMCTV1/2 if you're using a 0.5 Barlow
SZMCTV1/3 if you're using a 0.3 Barlow
SZMCTV1/4 if you're using a 0.2 Barlow

I just thought my camera didn't produce good footage like some of the others I have seen. By matching the Barlow lens with the c-mount adapter, it turns out that it was why my footage sucked all along. Maybe I'm just dumb but if you're also dumb, try this. I feel like I have stepped into the light and I can literally and metaphorically see clearer now.

On a side note, what tools have changed the repair game for you? I'd love to hear 'em.