Uk decent solder?


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Anyone from UK care to share where they got their solder, all the ones i've tried so far are horrible, would appreciate it. Cheers
Might sound so basic even with my years of electronics repair experience with consumer electronics, and with learning to deal with this small that is found in cellphones recently, what is best method to wet the soldering tip properly without beading up or not wetting?

Second, question how one control how much solder on the soldering iron tip using solder wire? I usually have problem transferring solder to tip usually end up with either nothing or too much.

Yesterday I was trying to get 0.05mm wire and cleaned trace wet with solder properly and only got partial wet on large pad and trying not to wet anything else too.

This is tricky since trying not to shift the wire without picking it up and trying to keep copper wire still and held down. I did burn off the enamel and tinned beforehand.

Have both 60/40 paste and wire. Also using flux gel too.

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i am still learning, but here are few tips:
clean your tip every time before you take solder. i use both copper hair and wet sponge to keep it really clean and shiny.
melt the solder, not the wire. If wire does not touch the tip - it does not follow it when you remove your iron.
use different temperatures for different stuff. you don't need your normal full temp for 005 wires. i also prefer to solder them by wraping it around the component than removing unused half.
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