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[SOLVED]820-3662 Fails Sensor Group Test, ASD, 13006?

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  • [SOLVED]820-3662 Fails Sensor Group Test, ASD, 13006?

    I repaired an 820-3662 with a damaged LVDS connector. No liquid, no other visible damage, nothing. Runs and passes ASD just fine, but fails the sensor group test, with the error "ERROR - -13006 [The SMC has marked this sensor not present] -- TEST FAILED". Webcam works, Bluetooth works, WiFi works, trackpad and keyboard work fine (and this is a test case assembly that I use for all 820-3662 boards, which do not fail this test, so I suspect the board). Since the board works fine, I may not worry about it, but I like to document all boards passing ASD via photo, and like them all to pass completely.

    Is there any way to identify which sensor exactly is being seen as "not present"?

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    Doesn't the EFI ASD list what sensor is missing?


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      Yeah, EFI gave me the hint needed; apparently the SSD I'm using works perfectly fine in a late-2013 15" MBPr, but not a Mid-2014 15" MBPr. Never noticed. You can mark this one as solved--thanks, Duke.

      Edit for clarification: The SSD works of course--no speed or lag issues at all--it just throws an error in ASD.
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        I learned something too


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