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[SOLVED]Battery is not recognized 820-4942-B

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  • [SOLVED]Battery is not recognized 820-4942-B

    I have 820-4942-B Macbook Pro 13 inch that had liquid damage. The old battery was really bad and the liquid was near the battery connector so i orderd a new battery and replaced it but it did not fix the problem.

    I replaced the ISL but it did not help at all. Of course i checked some measurement before replacing but I'm lost right now so i could use your help!

    Here are some info:

    ISL Pins

    17/18 about 5 ohms
    27/28 20.7 ohms.

    Macsafe charger when plugged turns green and to orange. Sometimes the orange fades away but it does not turn off. MacBook turns off right away when macsafe is removed, so the battery does not keep the computer awake.

    Also my charger is new original Apples MagSafe 2 60W charger so this is not fake Chinese charger.

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    I think you have two separate issues here. First fix the system side current sensing because 5 ohms is a bit high, and that should hopefully fix the issue with the charger light turning off. Then post the voltage on PPBUS_G3H and on either side of R5380/1.


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      I measured it now and its about 4.2 ohms. Is it still too high? I still measured the R5380 and R5381 Resistors.

      Here are the results.

      R5380 Pin 1 = 3.419V Pin 2 = Changes about in one second all the time from 3.417 to 3.355 and again and again
      R5381 Pin 1 = 3.419V same as R5380 Pin 2.


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        Your SMC is dead.


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          Can you duke explain how did you figure that my smc is dead. I want to know if someting in future comes to me so i will know it. Thanks!


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              I replaced the SMC. The Macbook still turns off when i remove the charger....


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                Seems like it recognized it and tells me how much prosent it has. 37 but it says thay the battery is poor, even its new. Im using coconutBattery.

                here is info:

                current charge: 2419mAh
                Full charge capacity: 6670mAh

                Design capacity: 101.7%
                Cycle count 0
                os x battery status: poor
                charging with: 0 watts
                power adapter connected
                age: 208 days.
                battery tempeture 24.5C
                battery failure: No errors


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                  Make sure PP3V42_G3H is present when battery is plugged in without charger.

                  Make sure you're not using a shit battery!


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                    Battery status indicates a dead battery. China junk....


                    • VirtualLife
                      VirtualLife commented
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                      Well can you suggest me from where i could buy a battery? I dont think that your getting any real shit from apple, only if you buy broken macbooks that comes with the original macbook.

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                    Well can you suggest me from where i could buy a battery? I dont think that your getting any real shit from apple, only if you buy broken macbooks that comes with the original macbook


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                      And there is no PP3V42_G3H when the battery is plugged in without the charger...


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                        There is no 3V42 because the battery is probably not outputting any voltage. Is there voltage on PPBUS on battery only? If not the battery is just fucked. Just buy another one on Ebay and don't go for the cheapest this time. 90% of these batteries are fine, but of course it is all pulled crap from China.


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                          Yes, there is PPBUS line when the battery is plugged in without the charger.


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                            There's a resistor that feeds PP3V42_G3H's power IC PPBUS_G3H from the battery. Is that working? Do you have input voltage of 12.5v to PP3V42_G3H's power IC with the battery present? I have no schematics on the laptop I'm on or I'd give you exact numbers. I go over that issue here.



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