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820-3435 PPDCIN_G3H with continuity to ground

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  • 820-3435 PPDCIN_G3H with continuity to ground

    hello , im working on this 820-3435 board 11.6 inch laptop , and I was trying to remove this short , but , I already remove all the nets on that line even the conector for the dc inboard , and still I cant get rid of this short. thank you for your help.

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    have fun!!!

    This will suck. Just take everything off that line and run it on your own.


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      i was getting kinda exited to try something like that but then I check and PPBUS_3GH has a short too , then I inject voltage 1.6v and I find the part of the board that was getting hot , man damn it , one of the screwholes is fucked , I remember when I start taking out the board from the laptop I saw a screw that was to big for that position but I didn't pay attention on that moment , im going to take a picture tomorrow to show it here , I belive the short is on that screw hole it look a little destroy like is missing a little piece of board , I check under microscope another board and yea that give the truth , this was fucked for a screw , was clean from all water damage before that board get to my hands and then when they put it back they put the wrong screw and now I belive is beyond my skills im letting go this board....

      Louis with your power you think if a board like that get into your hands you will be able to rebuild it? I know you will not do it because of the 20 minutes rule , but you think is possible build your own PPBUS_3GH?


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        Carefully grind out the screw hole. This should clear the short between the layers.


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          it would make a fun challenge in a world where I had more than two employees and just me for fixing boards. but in reality.. no time to figure that out.


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            I did grind the screw hole , but short still there, maybe I didn't grind enough? , is there any video with and example of grinding a screw hole to remove a short? thank you!


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              You have to do it very careful and slow else you will still be mashing the layers together. I use a very thin round file for stuff like this. Do not put pressure on the file, just use it's weight and go very slow.


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