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820-2915 not charging battery

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  • 820-2915 not charging battery

    This board was liquid damaged. I replaced some components around the lp8550 and thunderbolt area and ultrasonic'd it and now it turns on and everything. The only problem is that the battery is not charging.
    The initial customers battery said it wasn't charging and "replace now" so I thought the battery was the issue. I ordered a battery and plugged it in and that one still says battery not charging. The battery is recognized, condition is normal and has only 87 cycles.

    I replaced the ISL6259 and all current sense resistors/caps(even though they measured good) but that still didn't solve the issue. C7035/36 & c6960 looked bad so I replaced them as well.
    I flipped the board over and noticed the probe points next to R7050 were burned away(Probe 1271/72). I replaced R7050, Q7055, and D6950 but that still didn't solve the issue.
    There was liquid damage near the smc initially so that may be an issue

    In diode mode Pin 1 of R5280/81 is 0.34v and Pin 2 is 0.486v.

    Update: The BIL connector looks fine and there was continuity to the R5280/81. C6952/3 on the other side of the BIL didn't look great so I replaced those as well but still no change. I replaced C4920 & C5020 since they didn't look well either.
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    What is the resistance between pins 17/18 on U7000 and pins 27/28 on U7000? Also are you putting load on the machine while it is charging?


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      Pins 17/18 - around 3 ohms - Pins 27/28 20.7ohms. I have replaced U7000 so that shouldn't be the issue.
      What exactly do you mean by putting load on while charging?
      It only works with the charger plugged in and the light stays green never turns orange.
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        So it doesn't power on from the battery? Does the BIL indicate anything when pressed?


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          When I have the battery plugged in and I plug the charger in the fan will spin for one second then stop and never turns on. I have to unplug the battery, plug the charger in and wait until it starts booting before I can plug the battery in. I pressed the BIL once and all of the lights would come on for a few secs then go away.
          Before after I logged into the OS the battery percentage would say 0% and "Battery is not charging" now it says 100% and "Battery is charged". The System information page says the battery is not fully charged though.
          I attached image of the system information page.

          Update: I left the battery plugged in and this time when I plugged the charger in it turned on without me having to disconnect the battery but it's still not running off of the battery
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            Voltage says less than 6V! This battery is fucked!


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