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820-3330 no orange light, fan twitch, no power

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  • 820-3330 no orange light, fan twitch, no power

    Hey all,

    Hope all is well. I need some help with a 3330 that's killing me. Has fan twitch and pulsing rails. 3v3_s5 & 5v_s5 are steady. 3v3_s3 & 5v_s3 are pulsing (so is PM_SLP_S4 so I guess that makes sense). 3v3_s0 and 5v_S0 are not pulsing, they're at a steady 0.13v.

    The other peculiar thing is that the battery sensor thing shows that my good battery is 90% charged up, but the charger won't change to an orange light. PP_BUS_G3h is 12.6 with and WITHOUT the battery. However with just the battery (no magsafe) i get no signs of life at all, including no fan twitch.

    I checked ISL and the common problems, resistance from 17/18 is 2.6, 27/28 is 20.1 ohms. Replaced ISL just in case, still the same symptom.

    I don't have an 85w charger, so I've resorted to using a known good battery and charger.

    I'm leaning towards a short on an s3 line, but that wouldn't explain the lack of orange light right?

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Did you try known good DCIN board?

    Board should start with 60W charger and battery plugged in (with some charge).
    But seems that battery is not properly detceted by SMC.
    In this case, you need 85W original charger for test!!!
    Also try to start in SMC bypass mode.

    Post voltages for U6900/01.
    Also need resistance to ground on SCL/SDA lines for battery bus; diode mode, red to ground, no battery connected, nor charger!


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