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820-2530 ppbus .19 volts always stays green

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  • 820-2530 ppbus .19 volts always stays green

    I have an 820-2530 which is not turning on. I have 0.19 volts on ppbus with no short.

    The adapter light turns green and never changes to orange, does that indicate anything in particular?

    My only thought is isl6958, but I am not sure what enables I should be checking first
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    Post some voltages for ISL6258 (U7000), pins 2, 3, 19, 20, 12, 1, 14, 9, 15.
    Post exact resistance between pins 17/18 and 27/28.


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      thanks :-)

      of the 9 voltages you asked for I have 0v on all of them except 3.4v on pin 12 and 18.2v on pin 1

      17/18 20.7 ohms
      27/28 20.4 ohms

      on a side not the steady green light is gone

      edit added/

      I do have a 10 ohm short on r7011 or pins 3 and 19 or the isl
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        Looks like bad U7000; remove C7044 to confirm.

        Do you have short/low value on other pins of U7000?


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          of the 9 voltages (2, 3, 19, 20, 12, 1, 14, 9, 15) you asked for I have 0v on all of them except 3.4v on pin 12 and 18.2v on pin 1

          is this what you are asking?


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            I asked for short, or low resistance to ground.
            So chek in diode mode these pins...


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              I did switch the isl, and the short is gone between pins 3 and 19. The only voltage change is I now have 4.35v at pin 3. I still have the same voltages at 12 and 1. Do you still need me to check for shorts/lows on the other isl pins?


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                I bet D7010 is burnt; confirm and change it...


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                  thanks. I will try that tomorrow. Does that diode change the voltage or just work as a one-way valve?
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                    Just a protection for U7000.
                    Voltage drop on it is less than 0.5V...


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                      Well, this was interesting. I switched out the diode and had a good ppbus of 12.6v. I think I still had other issues as it was not pulling hardly any amps. I was wondering about the missing green light on the charger and noticed one of the power pins was pushed in. So I grabbed an after marker charger which we have used for ages(we have gotten rid of all of them, expect this one was still laying around) to see if I would get the green light back, which I did. Then I was taking voltages for all of the isl6258 pins for future reference. Then I noticed it was no longer working anymore. D7010 is bad again. While measuring it I noticed the after marker charger is giving 18.9 volts, could this have been what caused it or just coincidence? I am leaning towards coincidence since something had to have killed D7010 before and it is likely the same thing. Should I track another diode down and try again?

                      edit added//
                      for replacement diodes, what things should I be looking for in the schematics so I can check donor boards?
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                        After D7010 is changed, don't power up the board before check for short or low value to ground on some pins of U7000; especially pin 2!!!
                        That diode is not critical; original is Schottky, but normal Si should work too.


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                          is SI mean a silicone diode? Is the difference having a slightly greater voltage drop? Could you give any suggestions on what to search for in the schematic in regards to finding a replacement?
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                            1SS418, is not a critical diode
                            Silicon Epitaxial Schottky Barrier Type, 30V/100mA.


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                              what do you mean it is not critical? Do you mean a different type of diode with a 100ma limit can be used or I can just use a jumper(probably not).


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