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820-3115-B Random shutdown and 3 RAM Beeps.

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  • 820-3115-B Random shutdown and 3 RAM Beeps.

    I currently have 3 Mid 2012 13' MBPu that all have 820-3115 boards with the exact same issue. The symptoms are:

    Random shutdowns
    Graphical Anomalies Before shutdown,
    Missing RAM Beep, even with RAM installed

    I have replaced RAM on all units with the no progress.

    Interestingly enough, I discovered that if I apply pressure on to the RAM Slot while any of these boards are on, I am able to replicate the Graphical anomalies. It seems like there is something wrong around the RAM slots on the boards. I have attached an image of the anomalies. Has anyone else seen this issue before on this model board?
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    Bad bottom RAM slot. You can repair damaged pins, or just utilize the top slot. Common issue on the 820-3115 boards.


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      Yeah one of the slots is bad usually the bottom one like SMMRepair said closest to the keyboard. Best to max out working slot and leave it be.


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        Thank you all for your quick reply. I had a feeling the pins could be the issue. I will touch up the pins to the board with some solder. If that doesn't fix it, I will then max out the working slot like you mentioned. Thanks again!


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