820-3115-B Random shutdown and 3 RAM Beeps.


I currently have 3 Mid 2012 13' MBPu that all have 820-3115 boards with the exact same issue. The symptoms are:

Random shutdowns
Graphical Anomalies Before shutdown,
Missing RAM Beep, even with RAM installed

I have replaced RAM on all units with the no progress.

Interestingly enough, I discovered that if I apply pressure on to the RAM Slot while any of these boards are on, I am able to replicate the Graphical anomalies. It seems like there is something wrong around the RAM slots on the boards. I have attached an image of the anomalies. Has anyone else seen this issue before on this model board?


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Bad bottom RAM slot. You can repair damaged pins, or just utilize the top slot. Common issue on the 820-3115 boards.


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Yeah one of the slots is bad usually the bottom one like SMMRepair said closest to the keyboard. Best to max out working slot and leave it be.


Thank you all for your quick reply. I had a feeling the pins could be the issue. I will touch up the pins to the board with some solder. If that doesn't fix it, I will then max out the working slot like you mentioned. Thanks again!