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820-2850 No Green light . PPBUS_G3H stuck in 3.3v.

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  • 820-2850 No Green light . PPBUS_G3H stuck in 3.3v.

    Hi all,
    THis is a liquid dmg board only near Q7030 ,Q7035, C7036,C7035,C7037. I replaced all these and still get 3.77v on R7021 & R7022 current sensing resistors.

    Resistance between R7021 & 21 is 21ohms and R7051/R7052 is 2.9ohms.

    I replaced U 7000 still the same.

    q7080 all pins have 16.5v. Q7085 pin 1-4 I get 16.5v then the rest 3.7v

    R7086 CHGR_AGATE both side 16.5v.

    Well when the battery connected, I get 16V R7021/ R7022 and 10v on PPBUS_G3H and fan goes high.

    this is what I get with our battery connected on U7000.

    PIN 1 = 14.5V PIN 8 = 3.3V
    PIN 2 = 13.9V PIN 9 = 3.7V
    PIN 3 = 3.9V PIN 10 TO 18 = 3.3V
    PIN 4 =3.3V PIN 19 = 8.9V
    PIN 5 = 3.3V PIN 20 =7.8V
    PIN 6= 3.3V PIN 21 =0V PIN 22 0V
    PIN 7 = 3.3V PIN 23/24 = 3.3V , PIN 25 8.4V PIN 26 =15.V , PIN 27/28 3.7V

    Appriciate your help.

    Thank you

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    Just add this. There is no short in PPBUS_G3H. How ever ISL chip getting hot with our the battery. When the battery connected no boiling on U7000.


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      I mean with out.


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        If the ISL is getting boiling hot that would be a good suspect to replace...


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          hi John I did replace ISL twice ..


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            Pins 19 & 20 should have 5V, generated by ISL6259.
            You have higher voltage there.
            Change U7000 again and check all solders.
            Also change Q7085 and check if Q7030 is OK.


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              Hi, THank you for your help. I get pin 19 20 5v when the battery connected. Replaced ISL 2 times.And also replaced Q7085


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                You must get 5V on charger too.
                Pin 2 voltage makes me worry; is too low.
                Post voltage on both pins of R7005; be sure it has correct value, 20 ohms.


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                  yes. but I dont get 5v on charger. R7005 was 40 ohms and pin 2 was 16v and pin 1 was 13v. I replaced the R7005 and C7005 now I get 15v on pin2 but still 3.7v on both side current snce resistors


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                    Post again U7000 volatges; pins 1, 2, 3, 9, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 18, 19, 20, 26, 27, 28.

                    "check if Q7030 is OK"


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                      Hi THis is solved. I found R7005 again given me 13v. I replaced the ISL and R7005 both to gather. problem solved. Thank you so much for giving me advice where to check. You are a legend.


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