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820-000165 wont turn on

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    replaced ISL6259 once again now 4.87V on R7110 R7111 and C7111 but only 0.15V on the actual pin 3 of the ISL. My soldering is fine and traces look fine, no liquid damage on this board.


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      Short again on ISL6259. What to check to see what keeps shorting it? Already replaced D7105 R7105 C7105 C7111 R7111 R7110 R7186 R7185 C7185


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        Sounds like a corroded trace or bad Q7180. Try replacing Q7180 and the ISL6259 at the same time.


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          Please, specify where the short is; and post the ohm value.
          You must get aprox 4V on ACIN pin of U7100.
          Check the trace from pin3 to R7110/11; with multimeter, not the eye!


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            short was on pin 3 and 0.5 ohm

            replaced Q7180 and ISL at same time and so far short has not returned.

            Only 2.5v and fluctuates down to 0.500V and back to 2.5V on pin 3. Ran jumper to rule out trace issue

            Also still only 17.5V on pad 2 of R7185 and C7185 but both have 18.5v on pad 1.

            R7186 only 17.75V on pad 1 and 2


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              Looks like leakage issue.
              Charger detects it and get blocked and tries again and again.
              3V42 also pulsing?

              Try with fake charger, or bench power supply, using 60/85W power cable.

              "Also still only 17.5V on pad 2 of R7185 and C7185 but both have 18.5v on pad 1."
              Mmmh, then no leakage, if stable PPDCIN_G3H.
              Remove C7111 and check again ACIN level.


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                3v42 is fine at a steady 3.4V

                I have been using bench power supply with 85 watt cable the whole time

                With C7111 removed there is still a leakage issue on ACIN. voltage ranges from 0.100V to 2.5V to 3.4V


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                  Board draws a steady 0.007 amps


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                    Change R7110/11; maybe U7100 too.

                    You can also try the trick to force 3v42 to pin 3.
                    In such case remove R7110; even R/C7111.


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                      Only 2.6V with r7110 r7111 and C7111 removed

                      U7100 has been changed 4 times now, not sure if it needs to be changed again


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                        "Only 2.6V with r7110 r7111 and C7111 removed"
                        You should bring 3V42 there...

                        Be aware, without R7110/11 charge may not power up the board.
                        Is better to let R7110/11 soldered and cut off trace to pin 3/ISL6259.
                        Then bring 3V42 to ACIN pin.


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                          steady 3.4V on pin 3 ACIN pin now but 0V on pin 1

                          C7185 and R7185 pad 1 18.5V but only 7.52V on pad 2


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                            All these values are correct now.
                            What happens with PPBUS_G3H?


                            • #29
                              PPBUS_G3H now 0v


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                                Resistance to ground at L7130?
                                Post other voltages for U7100; pins 2, 12, 13, 14, 9, 15, 17, 19, 20, 26, 27.
                                Check resistance between pins 17/18 and 27/28.
                                Do you get amber light on Magsafe?


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