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A1534- 820-0045- cannot install osx. MB restarts.

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  • A1534- 820-0045- cannot install osx. MB restarts.


    This is not a damaged board. How ever has Backlight issue due to shrt on LCD cable , and fixed replacing BAcklight chip.

    After it goes to a question mark folder. And Customer advice to format the drive.
    I can format the dirve with out any issue and when try to install it stays is installaion bar for about 15 sec, then restarts.

    Tried with APFS, and GUID, Mojave and Sierra. Both are same.

    Tried to make 2 partions then also it reboots.

    When i check diskutil list , I can see more than 20 disk partions are there.

    Any clue?

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    And Also Even wheni try to partition the SSD it reboots.


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      Customer said he tried to install Catalina beta.


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        Try to install OSX on a pendrive.
        You will need an USB-C hub for this.
        If you can do that, then internal SSD is bad.


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          Hi , Thank you for your reply. I tried to install on ausb drive. Still no change. Whn I boot from external drive it works but showing panic error on nvme.


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            can you delete all the 20 disk partitions and start all over again.

            if doesn't work then you have dead SSD or bad BGA balls under CPU that connect to the SSD..


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              Looks like system crashes when tries to talk with internal SSD.
              Another 12" board in the bin


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                Hi Info2 and Alan, Thank you very much for your help. Info2 is right as it crashes when it tries to talk with int SSD. I deleted 20 odd partions in terminaland it comes as successfully deleted but still there.
                As we all know another shit 12" board. Really appreciate your great help.


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