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820-00840 5V on USB-C

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  • 820-00840 5V on USB-C

    I've reballed the CD3215 chips with no change. I have PP3V3_G3H. I've looked at everything I can find in the area. The spill wan't too bad, just hit this area a little. R3351 was blown. I replaced that and Q3350 to be safe. R3209 had a charred pad so I cleaned that off and replaced R3209. Not sure where to go next. Is it just replace the CD3215 chips?
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    Did you replace with same termination, i.e. B03, C00?
    These chips have frimware!

    Check for short on PPBUS_G3H and other rails.
    Do you get BUF_SMC_RESET_L?

    Check diode mode (red probe at ground) on all power rails of U3100/200.


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      I'd replace both. As 2informaticos said, must be correct firmware.


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        Hi, I didn't replace them yet, I just reballed the chips that were on there to see if they might work still. If I replace them can I pull them off any of the MacBook Pros with C00's on them? Also, can I just order and use the C00's from Louis or do I need to program those first? I'll check the other things you mentioned once I'm near the board again.


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          Termination code is firmware specific.
          So no matters where you get C00.
          Buy from Loius and stock them if you don't have scrap boards.
          This way you get them reballed and save time...


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            I've looked everywhere for shorts and can't find any. U8510 has SMC_RESET_L coming in at 3.4V. BUF_SMC_RESET_L is at 0V.


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              If U8510 gets 3.3V at pin 1, then change it; if no BUF_SMC_RESET_L comes out.


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                Amazing find - bad U8510. Pads were charred underneath it. Has 20V and CPU now after cleaning up the pads and replacing U8510. My CD3215's were probably fine the whole time. Thanks so much for getting me there. I really wanted to fix this board so I could test the stack of SSD's I have from all of these 00840 boards that had shorted CPU's


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                  That's why they pay him the big bucks lol


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