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820-2879-B No wifi

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  • 820-2879-B No wifi

    have runned ASD and there were no problems with that. Have tried other lcd and still no wifi. Installed new OS X and still nothing.

    Tested the connector on the board....
    Got 5V on L3404? Check continuity from pin 1,2,4,5,7,8,10,11,12 to the connector on the APX card.

    Yes i got 5V on L3404.

    Pin 1 0.378
    Pin 2 0.377
    Pin 4 0.455
    Pin 5 0.455
    Pin 7 0.105
    Pin 8 0.105
    Pin 10 0.000 Beeps all the time
    Pin 11 0.491
    Pin 12 0.475

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    What is AP_RESET_CONN_L measuring?


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      also tell me the tape is present over the pins. If the tape is not over the pins but that fluffy-thingie-that-sticks-to-the-cable-to-keep-interference-away is there it'll short the pins on the wifi connector.


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        I assume this was measured with the cable plugged in, else pin 1 and 2 would read nothing.
        Don't you find it strange that pin 10 is shorted to GND???

        Also if you want a reply to a post you should not "comment" on my post but "reply"
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          Pin 10 is shorted to ground only when i connect the connector and i have tested a many lcds with good connector and still it says that is shorted. And yes i measured with cable plugged in and without cable.


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            Pin 10 to GND with connector inserted is correct. Please answer Louis's questions too.
            Post measurements without cable inserted too.
            Are C3430/31 L3401 looking ok?
            Did you actually check if all pins have continuity to the connector on the airport card? 1 2 4 5 7 8 11 12 13? The common failure here is a fucked up connector on the board or a missing cap or coil.


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