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Parts ordering headaches

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  • Parts ordering headaches

    Is out of business? I ordered from them on Aug 14. Here it is 12 days later. Order status still shows as "pending". I emailed a few days ago. No answer. I called. Fast busy signal. Might have to back-charge and DDOS his site.

    EDIT 08/29/19:
    I got an email from microsolderingsupply saying my order status has now changed to: SHIPPED
    includes tracking number. I guess inexplicable personal life issues got in the way of his ability to run his business. Nice guy, usually. I will continue to do business with him. I was concerned because it really looked like he was out of business but his site was accepting and charging for orders never fulfilled and no communication. He has been a valuable vendor for my business so far. I understand completely how things can happen. My having an aneurysm the moment things weren't immediate gratification for me - yeah, that was unreasonable of me - and embarrassing. I'd like an explanation from him before we resume normal business.
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